Original video found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3PUeG1SQMw.Are you looking for money-saving hacks? There is validity to Benjamin Franklin’s saying that a penny saved is a penny earned. The truth is even small savings can add up over time. The trick is to learn skills to save money every single day. Little savings can add up, and if you are focused on saving on little things, you’ll often find ways to.Learn some of the best ways to save money – from taxes, to retirement savings, to groceries – Nasdaq has the expert tips and advice to save you more. · You can save money easier if you keep a book of your purchases. That way you have a record of your spending so you know whether you’ve been spending more than you should be. Keep all your receipts and write down your spending totals. Always date your entries and divide your money into categories, i.e., your income and expenses.Robert Sinclair, manager of media relations for AAA Northeast, has some tips on how to save money when it comes to buying a.saving money begins with your mindset. avoid thinking of money-saving techniques as restrictive – although they can often feel that way. At NerdWallet, we think about a budget as a spending plan.Here are seven money saving wins that incorporate one or both of those aspects. money saving win #1: Automate your finances. One reason we don’t regularly save money is due to the pain of putting money into our savings accounts each month. It’s the reason why cutting out lattes or skipping lunch is a terrible way to save more money.Saving money, or the saving habit as Napoleon Hill put it so many years ago, is the foundation of all financial success, including investing.Having money saved is what provides the means for you to take advantage of situations, whether it’s going back to college, starting a new business, or buying shares of stock when the market crashes.One of the quickest ways to improve your finances is to reduce your expenses and find more ways to save money. This article is a compilation.More than 10 years ago Ryan and Courtney Luke were both working, but with nothing to show for it except big cars and big.